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"My 3 year old honestly won't go anywhere without her BoBo Buddy!"

Satisfied customer - Sarah

Nicknamed Bobo as a child, I had a soft toy that went everywhere with me.  I used this toy as a pillow and it had a blanket inside that my grandmother had made.  It wouldn't leave my side, whether I was at nursery school, in the car or going to a sleepover.


I then grew up and wanted to create a range of fun and functional toys that were softer, cuter and more practical than anything else out there... and BoBo Buddies® was born.


James Roupell (Founder)


A toy, a backpack, a blanket and a pillow, the BoBo Buddy is the ultimate multi-functional toy.  This cute and cuddly range features 3 different collections include - Blanket Backpacks, Toddler Backpacks and Blankies.


Blanket Backpack Product Features:


  • Cosy fleece blanket inside

  • Elastic straps so each buddy can be carried as a backpack

  • Zip pouch for kids to store their bits and bobs

  • Use your buddy's tummy as a pillow


Toddler Backpack Product Features:

  • Reins with strong metal hooks to keep your little ones close

  • Chest strap designed so each buddy can be carried as a backpack as well as to keep your little one being comfortable and safe. 

  • Use your buddy's tummy to store all your little bits and bobs

  • Ideal for the outdoors and public places


Blankies Product Features:

  • Comforters you can attach to your little one's wrist

  • Suitable from birth

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