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Cantaloop, a line of maternity lingerie that is stylish, functional and remarkably soft.


Cantaloop Pregnancy Underwear

During your pregnancy, and as your body changes, we want you to feel supported and stylish.  With this in mind, we have created a unique and wide range of nursing and pregnancy bras, hipsters, briefs, tanktops and support belts.  Our collection is designed to work in harmony with your body and your outfit, so you can wear what you want and feel great underneath, all day and every day.


The Cantaloop collection has been expertly tested in close cooperation with pregnant women and new mothers. 

Taking care of you and your baby

One of the reasons you'll feel so good wearing Cantaloop is the material we use.  We've developed a special blend of polyamide and elastane to a series of breathable, quick-drying products that adapt to your body's changing shape.

In making our lingerie, we strive to reduce the use of resources - power, water and chemicals - to minimize our impact to the environment.

We also make sure that Cantaloop products are free from hazardous substances, to avoid the risk of skin irritation and allergies for mother and baby both.  Although our items are designed for women, babies do come in contact with them, and so our entire collection is fully certified in accordance with the stricter Oeko-Tex standard for infants and toddlers.

Cantaloop Collection include:

Pregnancy Wear - pregnancy bra, support briefs, hipsters, support belt, butterfly briefs, etc.

Nursing Wear - nursing bra, butterfly nursing bra, nursing tanktop, etc.

Post-Natal Care item - C-Section briefs, Post-Natal briefs.

Shapewear - shaping boxers, shaping briefs, shaping underbust vest, shaping bodysuit, shaping belt, etc.

Pregnancy Wear include:

Pregnancy Support Briefs

  • Classic over-the-belly design

  • Provide support where it's needed

  • Stay up without being too tight, even with the belly at its largest

  • Extremely comfortable

Pregnancy Hipsters

  • Suitable for both during and after pregnancy

  • A comfortable alternative to the more traditional pregnancy support briefs

  • Close fitting without feeling too tight

  • Comfortable to wear night and day

Pregnancy Bra

  • Cups have extra support woven in for optimal comfort

  • Ideal for sleeping in

  • LBP (Loved by Parents) Award Winner

Pregnancy Support Belt

  • Supports and warms belly and back

  • Provides relief when belly starts to grow

  • In-woven support

  • Smooth sides for optimal comfort

  • Expands as the belly does

  • LBP (Loved by Parents) Award Winner

Butterfly Briefs

  • 2-in-1 briefs designed with extra high and soft rib that can be folded up or down

  • When rib is folded, the briefs provide additional support for below the belly

  • Unfolded the briefs give even support over entire belly as well as warmth and relief to belly and back

  • Ideal for both during and after pregnancy

  • Extremely soft and comfortable to wear

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butterfly briefs
pregnancy hipsters
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pregnancy support belt
pregnancy support briefs


Being Multi-Awards Winning, Cantaloop products are designed to provide you with optimal comfort and support.  The bra will adapt to your changing breast size.  Meaning that just 4 Cantaloop sizes will fit more than 95% of all bust dimensions.


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