Brush Buddies is a brand in a category that everyone uses twice a day and that many find as a boring routine.  Introducing Brush Buddies, the brand created to make brushing fun!  Brushing your teeth with Brush Buddies, your kids could increase brushing time to 2 minutes - dentists recommended time for healty teeth.

Unique Features: 

Poppins Action

Press the belly button, and the brush will pop up. Remove the toothbrush cap (character's head)

Non-Toxic Construction

Brush Buddies Poppin' are made of safe, lead-free ABS material, because your child's health is important to us!

Stand-Up Brush

Each Brush Buddies Poppin' toothbrush can stand on its own two feet! The integrated stand-up base helps the bristles to drain after each use for better hygiene.

Soft Nylon Bristles

Gentle on children's gums! We use only soft nylon bristles for child comfort and safety.