TICKLS Home Pack M size (SHEEP) 34pcs Pack

TICKLS Home Pack M size (SHEEP) 34pcs Pack


TICKLS is purposely developed for Generation Y parenting with high performance diaper that is:

  • For up to 12 hours of dryness, helping your baby get comfortable in play during the day and the sleep through the night.
  • Soft cotton-like breathable fabrics with micropores enabling vapor to travel from the inside to the outside of the diaper to help your baby's skin stay dry.
  • 3-Dimension stretchy anti-leak fitting at your baby's waist and crotch to keep everything tidy with comfort.
  • Twofold leg gussets to prevent leakage and backflow to keep your baby clean while moving around.
  • Dual track absorbent core under acquisition layer for faster and deeper absorbency to minimize diaper rash on your baby.
  • Elastic Velcro closing for comfortable tummy fit around your baby.
  • Frontal tummy guard on both sides to protect baby skin from scratches.
  • Color changing lines on breathable layer to help your baby telling diaper wetness for change.
  • "W" shape absorbent core to ease your baby's movements between the legs.  


Diaper Size (weight) - 6kg to 11kg and/or (waist) - 36cm to 46cm

Equivalent to Size 3, 3+ and 4 of other brands



  • For up to 12 hours of dryness
  • Micro pearls absorb up to 30 times their weight to lock in wetness
  • Top dry layer is in constant contact with baby's skin, designed to pull liquid away and dry up as fast as possible
  • Extra sleep-layer quickly absorbs the wetness and spreads it evenly across the core
  • Stretchy sides adapt to the baby shapes and movements and provide a comfortable fit for great leakage protection


Available in other sizes equivalent to sizes 3, 3+, 4, 4+, 5 and 5+ of other brands


Hazards and Cautions


To avoid danger of suffocation and/or strangulation, keep all packaging material away from babies and children.



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