TICKLS Travel Easy Solo Pack M size (SHEEP) 2pcs Pack

TICKLS Travel Easy Solo Pack M size (SHEEP) 2pcs Pack


TICKLS Travel Easy Solo Pack is purposely designed for Generation Y parenting. It consists of two high-performance diapers packed in a handy, hygienic waterproof packaging bag for anytime to take the baby outdoor for family fun. It is:


* Hassle-free "grab n go" packaging ready for all day outdoor fun

* First commercial package of its kind in the market

* Pre-pack delivery for optimal convenience

* Also Available in bundled solution for weeklong travels with diapers, wet wipes & change mats


Features & Benefits:

* Convenient pack for usage of all day purpose anytime, anywhere

* Available in bundle of 2-pc diapers (size: M (Sheep) Baby Waist 36-46cm; Baby Weight 6-11kg

* Compact to carry around in bare hands, handbag, backpack, briefcase

* Ideal for contingency storage in drawers,  glove compartment etc.

* Safe to keep for 3-year shelf life in hygienic packaging of waterproof breathable pouch

* Easy for quick purchase at affordable price



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