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To practice outdoor parenting can be fun and hassle-free.  To make it happen, Tickls high-performance outdoor diapers are designed with the attributes to simplify the inconvenience of diaper change while enabling more peaceful hours for babies and parents to enjoy every moment of happy parenting.


TICKLS Outdoor Diaper is purposely designed for Generation Y parenting, preferring outdoor parenting activities, which high-performance diapers packed in a handy, hygienic waterproof packaging bag for anytime to take the baby outdoor for family fun. It is:

  • Hassle-free "grab n go" packaging ready for all day outdoor fun

  • First commercial package of its kind in the market

  • Pre-pack delivery for optimal convenience

  • Also Available in bundled solution for weeklong travels with

       diapers, wet wipes & change mats

Features & Benefits:

  • Convenient pack for usage of all day purpose anytime, anywhere

  • Available in Travel Easy Solo Pack (of 2-pc diapers) and HOME Pack

       (of 32-pcs dispers).  Both Solo pack and Home pack with sizes include

       M, L, XL.

  • Compact to carry around in bare hands, handbag, backpack, briefcase

  • Ideal for contingency storage in drawers,  glove compartment etc.

  • Safe to keep for 3-year shelf life in hygienic packaging of waterproof

       breathable pouch

  • Easy for quick purchase at affordable price

Travel Solo Pack

in 3 sizes

Sheep M / Bear L / XL Mammut

Sheep (M Size) Diaper and Travel Easy Pa

Sheep (M)

Bear Single & Travel Solo Pack.jpg

Bear (L)

Mammut (XL Size) Diaper and Travel Easy

Mammut (XL)

HOME Pack in 3 sizes

Sheep M / Bear L /

Mammut XL

Bear 32-pc Pack Front.jpg
Mammut 32-pc Pack Back.jpg


34-pcs (in M/L/XL)

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