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Baby Led Weaning (BLW) is a term coined by Ms. Gill Rapley, co-author of “Baby-led Weaning: The Essential Guide to Introducing Solid Foods.”  Popularized in the U.K, BLW approach involves allowing infants to self-feed family foods. Now, enthusiasm for bypassing purées and waiting until baby is ready to self-feed is also growing in many countries.

Tidy TOT®

Baby-led weaning is an approach to introducing solid food where baby is allowed and encouraged to self-feed solid finger foods instead of receiving purées via spoon. For those of us in urban cities, baby led feeding may be a better term as BLW is not about weaning babies off breastmilk or formula, but is weaning them onto solids.  But with BLW, the baby is in charge.) BLW babies:

  • Are encouraged to join the family at mealtime and self-feed appropriate finger foods.

  • Choose what, how much, and how quickly to eat.

  • Are given the freedom to explore new tastes and textures without the pressure to eat a set amount or a specific food.

  • Supports the development of eye-hand coordination, chewing skills, dexterity, and healthy eating habits

  • Continue to nurse (or receive a bottle) just as often. Solids are to compliment milk, and baby is trusted to know when to increase solid feedings and decrease milk (usually later in the first year).

The Essential Kit For Weaning Parents

Designed by a mum of 3, the multi-award winning Tidy Tot Bib & Tray Kit eliminates the gap between baby and highchair to give you mealtimes without the mess! The unique coverall bib and tray combination protects your baby, highchair and floor from food mess and spills. Say goodbye to stained clothes, endless washing, constant cleaning and all the mess of weaning and feeding!


Tidy Tot Tray
• Food safe
• BPA and Phthalate free
• Compatible with most highchairs and booster seats
• Protects highchair from mess and food stains
• No food dropped on the floor!
• Fully portable (folds to dinner plate size)

Tidy Tot Bib
• Fits from 6 months to 2 years
• Baby soft waterproof fabric
• Adjustable neck fastening
• Machine washable
• Provides unrivalled protection from stains – no more gaps!


Multiple Awards

With multiple awards under our belt and a rapidly growing list of retail listings,
It comes a long way from the home-made prototype of 4 years journey.

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