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Made in Britain
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Striving to achieve a green balance between economics and environmental consciousness Funky Feet still hand-make every single piece in Britain using only the finest quality materials and closest attention to detail.

Funky Feet Fashions®

The Funky Feet story started in 2002 when Jane started hand-making soft soled slippers for her youngest daughter, Megan.


Things, like Megan, have grown and now Funky Feet Fashions® design and make a huge collection of soft baby shoes, children's slippers, children's clothing, personalised gifts and accessories that can only be described as - well - funky!


There is some convincing medical and biomechanical evidence that when an infant learns to walk, it's actually feeling the ground through their feet that promotes a good posture and easy walking style for the rest of their lives.  Aboriginal and indigenous people, who walk barefoot all their lives, are recognised as having the "perfect foot-print" which suggests that they hold their feet in a perfect position whilst walking.


The non-slip suede sole provide the best touch and feel on the ground.

Not only funky, our shoes can actually help children develop good posture during those crucial early years.  So, let your kid barefoot or better a pair of Funky Feet!


Product Features:


  • Handmade in the UK

  • Finest quality, perfectly made

  • Funky and stylish

  • Soft and comfortable to wear

  • A slip-on stay-on design that really works

  • 100% cotton linings

  • Machine washable

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